Research Grants/ Permits / Projects

2019 Training/Fellowship Program for the joint IAEA/FAO division Application of stable isotopes in water quality studies, 2 fellows from the Philippines and 4 fellows from Myanmar, MYA5027/PHI2016004 (16,000AUD)

2018 Infrastructure Grant Faculty of Science UWA - Picarro Isotopic Liquid Water and Continuous Water Vapor Analyzer - Skrzypek G., Grierson P., 40,000 USD

2018-2022 Research grant/Technical Contract in Coordinated Research Project D15018 (Chief Investigator): Multiple Isotope Fingerprints to Identify Sources and Transport of Agro-Contaminants. Skrzypek G. International Atomic Energy Agency / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (50,000EURO)

2017-2020 Research grant (Chief Investigator): Ecohydrologic functioning of ephemeral streams. Grierson P., Skrzypek G., Cook P., Simmons C., Dogramaci S., ARC, Linkage, LP160101225 ($620,000AUD)

2016-2019 Research grant: Annual rainfall variability and extreme drought over the late Holocene. Grierson P., Skrzypek G., Cook E., ARC, Discovery Project DP170101033 ($485,000AUD).

2015 Research/Training Grant ITRAX high resolution scanning of calcrete profiles from the Hamersley Basin for investigation of formation processes of calcrete. Skrzypek G. Grierson P.F., Mather C. ALNGRA15028 ($9,020AUD)

2015 Infrastructure Grant (Chief Investigator) Isotope analyser with d17O capability to examine water fluxes. Skrzypek G., Grierson P., Edwards P., McCulloch M., Kliti G., LIEF LE150100139, (160,000AUD).

2013 Travel grant (Recipient) Visits to Europe with the COST Action FY 2012-2013, The Australia Academy of Science ($3500AUD)

2013 Infrastructure Grant (Chief Investigator) Three dimensional analysis of important organic components in Energy, Environmental and Earth Systems. Grice K., Charrois J., Woltering M., Blyth A., Bush R., Sullivan L., Murphy D., Greenwood P., Skrzypek G., Trengove R., ARC LIEF LE130100145 (150,000AUD)

2012 Research/Training Grant (Chief Investigator) Paleoenvironmental changes in the Arctic recorded in permafrost-preserved moss macrofossils - radiocarbon dating. Skrzypek G., Dodson J., Hua Q., Wojtun B., Grierson P.F., Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering AINSE ID No ALNGRA12083P / Australia 19,115AUD

2012-15 How warm and how wet? New perspectives on paleoclimate records and hydrological regimes in arid zones of Australia, Skrzypek G., ARC Future Fellowship FT110100352, $706,128AUD

2012-14 Research Grant Climate-related regime shifts in inland semi-arid ecosystems through ecohydrological proxies. Grierson, P.F.; Skrzypek G.; Turney Ch.S.; Greenwood P.; Cook Ch.; Dogramaci S.; ARC Linkage LP120100310, 560,000AUD

2011 Research/Training Grant (Chief Investigator) ITRAX high resolution scanning for paleoclimate studies based on the Fortescue Marsh sediments, tree cores from Pilbara and corals from the Great Barrier Reef. - Skrzypek G., Grierson P.F., M. McCulloch, AINSE ID No 6797 / Australia 3090 AUD

2011 Research/Training Grant (Chief Investigator) Radiocarbon dating of peat cores for paleoclimate stable carbon and oxygen isotope reconstructions G.Skrzypek, P.F. Grierson, J. Dodson, AINSE ID No 6711 / Australia 9,740 AUD

2011-13 Research Grant (Co-investigator) the ecological significance of nitrogen sources for differentiation of terrestrial types of arctic tundra. B. Wojtun, G. Skrzypek, A. Samecka-Cymerman, J. Matula, K. Migala, Ministry of Science and Higher Education /Poland. (264,281 PLN).

2010-13 Non-COST Member of the EU project European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST) Action ES0806: Stable Isotopes in Biosphere-Atmosphere-Earth System Research (SIBAE)

2010 Research Grant (Chief Investigator Skrzypek G, Grierson PF) Trans-latitude migration of climatic zones during last millennia: inferences from stable isotopic composition of peat cores radiocarbon dating - AINSE ID No 5984/ Australia 9,455AUD

2010 Infrastructure Grant (Co-investigator Mather D., Tibby J., Haberle S, Gagan M, De Deckker P, Gell P, Warne M, Hesse P, Fryirs K, Goodwin I, Woodhead J, Baker P, Drysdale R, Mooney S, Gasparon M, Zhao J, Pandolfi J, Penny D, Bowman D, Skilbeck C, Skrzypek G, Chivas A, McGregor H, Szabo K, Thoms M, Dodson JHigh-resolution ITRAX XRF core scanning facility for global change research. High-resolution ITRAX XRF core scanning facility for global change research. LE100100141 LIEF/ AUSTRALIAN RESEARCH COUNCIL 420,000AUD

2010 Infrastructure Grant (Co-investigator) A high-resolution isotope facility for low cost analysis of water, plant, and oil/sediment samples to understand environmental change - Grierson P, Kendrick G, Skrzypek G, Fellman J, Bowman D, Grice K, Waite A, Stock W, Froend R, Lavery P - LIEF/ AUSTRALIAN RESEARCH COUNCIL 100,000AUD

2009-2010 Research grant (co-investigator, Petron K, Grieson P, Skrzypek G) Quantifying and Managing Dissolved Organic Matter-Derived Nutrients in Agro-Urban Coastal Catchments (Swan River Trust Grant/Western Australia) 30,000AUD

2007 Research permit (principal investigator): Stable Isotope Geochemistry of travertine precipitating from surface water, case study at the Colorado Bend State Park / Texas (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, USA)

2006-07 Research permit (principal investigator) Glacier NP, Yellowstone NP, Rocky Mts. NP / National Park Service USA : Variation Trans-latitude migration of climatic zones during the last millennium: inferences from carbon isotopic composition of peat cores (no. GLAC-00089, YELL-05640, ROMO-06017).

2005-07 Research permit (principal investigator) Big Bend NP / National Park Service USA : Variation of carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen stable isotope composition of biota at different altitudes as a record of the variation of environmental conditions (no. BIBE-00199).

2004-05 Research grant (principal investigator) Variation of the carbon isotope composition (13C/12C) of selected peat bog plants as an effect of different climatic condition of place of vegetation: temperature and humidity. State Committee for Sciences Research (no 2P04G 004 26, KBN, Poland, 113,200 PLN)

2000-02 Research grant (principal investigator) Origin of chrysoprase deposits in the light of oxygen isotope (18O/16O) geochemistry. State Committee for Sciences Research (no 6PO4D07418, KBN, Poland, 138,800 PLN)

1997-98 Research grant (principal investigator) Paleoenvironmental analyses of selected peat-bog in Poland based on the spatial variation in the 34S/32S and 13C/12C ratios in the peat profiles. State Committee for Sciences Research, (no. 6PO4D03011, KBN Poland, 42,050 PLN)


Updated on 2/01/2020